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Serving to Serve International

Serving to Serve works in partnership with New Churches Now, Taking New Ground, and Marys Alabaster Jar, as well as other global partners, relationships, and collaborations to Catalyze Movements of Multiplying Churches. 

This group of like minded organizations works together as the “Global Catalyst Team”.  

The Global Catalyst Team

About Serving to Serve.


Serving-to-Serve works with other like minded ministries as part of the Global Catalyst Team to Catalyze Movements of Multiplying Churches. 

- Colin Denlea

About New Churches Now

   New Churches Now is disciplining and training local leaders who are then apprenticing other local leader and putting them in a network of encouragement and accountability. We start by finding the right local leaders, training and disciplining those leaders and helping them to form networks of reproducing Churches (Churches with DNA or reproduction). We then work to form those networks into movements that spread through out their region into neighboring regions. 

New Churches Now is a New Thing global partner and a big part of the New Thing Global catalyst Team.

- Joe Wilson

Joe is the President of New Churches Now and serves as the leader and administrator for training and networking pastors together across the globe for the cause of Jesus Christ.






About Taking new Ground

   We exist to take new ground for the kingdom of God by catalyzing a movement of multiplying churches in hard to reach parts of the world.

- Matt Watson 

Matt Watson has just completed training and has started working in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia Teaching and facilitating Catalyst Community events and coaching young leaders for personal growth and church planting.







About Mary's Alabaster Jar

Mark Wankel

  Mark is a Church Movement Leader with New Churches Now. He has spent the bulk of his career working two professions. First, he was a financial, tax, and production consultant and worked cooperatively with the University of Illinois and farmers. Then he worked for 23 years as an investment broker which included estate planning.

After retirement, he prayed a simple prayer, “God, whatever time I have left, I want you to use me in such a way as folks will know that it is you working through me.” He began working closely with a group of church planters in an undisclosed Asian country. Then, Joe Wilson and Mark were introduced and have served together on projects in Asia, Albania, and the Philippines.

Mark is helping the Global Catalyst Team to expand their ability to help more people find their way back to God.





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