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The Movement Pathway in the Catalyst System

  • Identify a Person(s) of Peace (POP) – The first step in the Catalyst System is to find the right leader to start working with.  There are good leaders, great leaders and then there’s the right leader.  We want the right leader.  I say that we find the right leader but in reality, God finds them, we just need to recognize them.  The leader we are looking for is spirit lead, faith driven and apostolically gifted.

  • Catalyst Community 0 (CC0) – Catalyst Community 0 is the next step that is used to help the right leader and some of their like-minded friends understand the CC process and the results they can expect from participation.  It’s the very beginning of a new apostolic community forming.  The right leader and their friends can then intelligently gather teams for the Catalyst Community 1.

  • Catalyst Community 1 (CC1) – Catalyst Community 1 brings the gathered teams into the two or two- and one-half day Catalyst process.  During this time the apostolic community is formed, faith is activated, and participants are equipped with knowledge and methods that will help them accelerate church growth and church planting.  CC1 starts with leadership Development and each team leaves with a defined dream of what they believe God can do through them over the next few years and the addition of a new community to do it with.

  • Catalyst Community 2 (CC2) – Catalyst Community 2 brings the community back together and builds on the first gathering.  The process is the same, faith continues to be activated, the community becomes stronger and teams are equipped with additional knowledge and methods for acceleration.  CC2 is focused on Missional Culture with a recap of CC1 - this gives these churches and leaders a complete picture of what it looks like Reaching People and Developing People as well as simple tools to do it.Also, the God sized dreams from CC1 are being enhanced, new churches are being planted and the community grows toward becoming a collaborative Network.

  • Catalyst Community 3 (CC3) – Catalyst Community 3 brings the community together with their new identity as a collaborative Network and helps them mature.  Strategies for Movement and Network structures are engaged in a teaching/workshop environment where the teams can experience and practice these ideas.  The community leaves with a plan for continued growth and multiplication.

  • Catalyst Community Plus (CC PLUS) – Catalyst Community PLUS is the continuation of the relationship that has been built during the CC process and helps the movement expand.  Relational Rhythms are established based on the deep friendship that has been formed and we continue together as friends on mission with God.  Ideally, we work together to multiply across their region and take the movement across borders into other countries. 

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